Nancy was born in Santiago, Chile, where her gifts were nurtured by her grandmother.

All the women in the family were psychic so Nancy took her gifts for granted.

At the age of 13 she relocated to the United States.

When Nancy was in her late twenties a friend brought a deck of Tarot cards to a party

and asked everyone in the group to do reading. Nancy's reading was spontaneous.

A year later the friend she read called to tell Nancy that everything she said had happened.

At that point Nancy started studying the esoteric arts seriously.

Her studies included

Astrology with Mother Serena, Deaconess of the Rosicrucian Church,

and Tarot and Palms on her own.

She also studied Eastern philosophy and has been meditating for years.

Nancy attended

Hunter College, The School of Visual Arts, and is a graduate of

The Cooper Union School of Fine Arts.

She is a practitioner of Hatha Yoga and Chen Tai Chi Chuan.

Nancy has an international clientele including many well known personalities.

She has been reading at Raoul's for over 25 years.


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