Know where you're going. Know where you've been. Know who you are. 

Need to move on and face new challenges or resolve the same old issues? 

 With a shift in vision you can.

Yes, the answers are in your vision and not in the issues.

Nancy will show you the way.

Her psychic readings are focused on spiritual evolvement with practical applications to everyday life.

Areas of difficulty are discussed and solutions suggested. Talents are brought to light and explored.

Relationships, career, business, health and personal questions are given special attention

to guide you to your fullest potential. 


Palm Readings are general and give an overall view of your life.

Relevant issues come to light with suggestions on how to improve in these areas. 

 Typical issues are health, money, love, and spirituality.

The readings are approximately 10 minutes.


 Tarot Readings are more specific.

These readings are very helpful if youhave a particular question

or wish to obtain an objective view of your present circumstances.

You can ask any three questions at the end of your reading. 

 The cards are read in response to your main question. 

The readings are approximately 15 minutes.


 Astrology Readings are very comprehensive.

They include the past, present, future, love, money, health and spirituality, etc.

Some of the types of readings available are:

 Natal Charts for individuals, 

 Relationship Charts for couples, friends or partners.

 Relocation Charts for the best location regarding particular endeavors.

All areas are extensively discussed and solutions suggested to deal with difficulties.

Talents and opportunities are highlighted in order to optimize them.

Astrology readings are available by appointment only.

The readings are an hour and a half long.


Never give away your power Know who you are